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Nationwide is proud to partner with Ohio Farm Bureau to bring small employers a simple and affordable program specifically to fit small business needs.

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A Growing Partnership

Ohio Farm Bureau has partnered with Nationwide Employee Benefits on a new program to save Farm Bureau membersboth time and money. Nationwide recently launched a suite of employee benefits products (benefits) that were designed specifically to fit the needs of small businesses. Nationwide has also taken steps to make it easier for businesses in the agriculture industry toobtain valuable coverage such as these. Products include:

  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Short term disability
  • Group life
  • Critical illness

Agribusinesses come in all sizes and each has unique needs. For smaller companies considering offering benefits for the first time, or for those looking for alternatives to high insurance premiums, this suite of products is designed to be simple, affordable and easy to purchase.

Get great value for being an Ohio Farm Bureau member.

If you are an employer and a member of Ohio Farm Bureau, you can receive an exclusive discount, whether you buy any of the products separately or packaged in any combination.

To learn more about these products and obtain a quote for your business, visit or call us at 614-677-8902.

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Introducing benefits--simple insurance solutions to fit your small business needs. Benefits will help employers attract and retain talent, with the flexibility for employers to customize which plans they want to offer.


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